Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How He Wore It: Zach of ImFlashy (Giveaway!)

Men in suits, on bikes, in the city.   I'm sold.

You may have seen some of his lens and pixel work around the interwebs, covering his interviews with countless rising stars in music and lifestyle brands. But I'd bet you've seen Zach Walker of ImFlashy like this.

Outfitted in a charcoal, all-season suit, and seersucker tie from The Co-Op we met up for a small afternoon adventure.

We got the chance to hang around town riding some of the sleekest Dutch city bikes around. Weighing in at over 60 lbs of steel and outfitted with brilliant accessories, the sleek, handmade, upright WorkCycles city bikes are well worth the $1,550 pricetag.

While we were kicking around the neighborhood, Zach played a little Rai Knight, a trip-hop artist that he was to meet up with later in the day. We jammed right along to "New New", which incidentally has been on repeat since.

Best of all, we're giving away a seersucker on denim tie just like this one over at ImFlashy.  To win, leave a comment on how you would style the tie or tweet the following: "@ImFlashy.com is giving away http://bit.ly/kLGNiX from the @Style_CoOp.  RT for your chance to win!" 

Feeling lucky?

UPDATE: contest now closed


  1. I would wear this with my tan or navy blue Nicholas Joseph suit. Like the fact that the seersucker tie is so diverse and a slim tie. My suits would go perfect b/c of the slim lapels and short collar shirt i would wear. Would bring out the tie perfectly. ImFlashy is wearing it right. Just the way i would.


    Michael Baylis

  2. I would give this tie to my wonderful brother as a gift for his acceptance to the MBA program at NYU. This is the perfect item to balance his preppy midwestern roots with his new life in Manhattan, mixing the seersucker print with a slim, modern, and sophisticated cut that he could wear with an oxford, sleeves rolled up, running around town, or to class to compliment his tall, lean frame. Love for The Style Social from The Bearon.

  3. Grey Denim 501's
    Blue Oxford unbuttoned collar flaps
    Seersucker tie loose around the neck twisted to the side so both bottom and top show

    suede white saddle shoes