Friday, May 27, 2011

How He Wore It: Oceanside Alex

I have this theory that if you're born and bred in California, you never leave. And if you do, it's for college, then you just go back. Because it's California.

I just can't hate it.

Meet Oceanside Alex. He's a college bud of mine (GO BLUE), who finds himself outside of his SoCal home in the windiest of cities from time to time. This time around, we wanted to show him our shores nestled right alongside our skyline.

He's sporting the newest seersucker goods from the Co-Op. And you can always count on a California guy to never leave home without his Vans.

If you're a reader and finding yourself in Chicago soon, send me a note! You may be one of the next featured on How He Wore It. (small adventure with me included)

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