Thursday, May 12, 2011

How He Wore It: Isaiah of Dynastee Inc

True story: I've never personally met a non-industry guy with a consistently well-curated wardrobe than Isaiah of Dynastee, Inc. Ever.

He's a digital guy by day, designer, style blogger, and wearer of many hats by night. And if you're the type to talk about the merits of spread and club collared shirts, the perfect dent/arch combo on a silk tie, or anything that has to do with APC, he's your guy.

And best of all- he's introducing to you the newest of the summer line up at The Co-Op. The washed indigo chambray tie. 2.5" at widest point, yarn-dyed chambray, Chromexcel leather keeper (just because we can!), wool interlining, hand crafted by local artisans in Chicago. Available here.

Shirt: Rugby; Tie: The Style Cooperative; Jacket: APC; Shoes: Converse; Sunglasses: Persol

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