Monday, April 25, 2011

7 Fold Ties

A few weeks back when I went to the Isaia event at Saks here in Chicago, I got the chance to chat it up a little with the men's suiting buyer. He seemed really excited to show me the accessories (which of course I was interested in), so I thought I'd share.

The one key thing that is awesome about the ties that makes them quite special is that they are 7-fold ties, as compared to the typical 3- and 4-fold ties that I deconstructed before. What typically makes a 7-fold tie more unique is that they are usually made completely of a single piece of asymmetric silk, folded onto itself. Because there are more folds and layers of silk to give the tie the weight and handle, the additional wool interlining isn't necessary.

However, mastering the skill and taking the time to create a 7-fold tie is a bit more of a precise (and expensive!) art to the already more-complicated-than-it-looks craft of making a quality necktie. While a little bit harder to come by, some believe  this construction style allows for creating a more perfect knot and arch, which makes for a more put together look.

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