Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chicago Come-Up

I love Chicago (almost as much as I love Detroit). It's where The Style Cooperative has grown, is developed with local artisans, and is shaped by the creative folks that do what they do so well.

We have to hustle a little harder to get shine like people in New York or LA, or even more niche places like Portland. But the one cool thing about that is the like minded artists, thinkers, and makers of the city tend to find one another here... and we love to see one another succeed on a stage that is bigger than just our city.

I met Andrew Davis II a few months ago because of our mutual love for Adobo on everything, but this ultra talented MC let me into his world, and I've had such a good time working with him and watching his career blossom. Check out the video; it's super genuine (watch for my  unexpected shout out). He talks music, style, and growth.

Work, Play & Passion, just as much as Life, Style & Stuff. Forget the hokie pokie, this is what it's really all about.

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