Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girl Talk: Unmentionables

Ladies, raise your hand if you've ever worn a slip since the 4th grade. Um, really? That few huh. Or what about the more modern and hip word for the same thing... chemise?

I read and talk a lot about well constructed garments, taking care of garments, looking for things to invest in, bla bla bla. The fact of the matter is this: Great clothes that fit well are a thing to treasure. The other fact: if you don't have the proper foundation, it's money wasted.

The anatomy of a dress:
Fitted dresses are all constructed based on the same basic bodice and skirt form that is later cut for style and then contoured for fit. Way back when, dresses typically didn't come lined like they do today, so wearing a slip was pretty necessary all the time so that the seams weren't against your skin, and also the slinky texture allows the dress to drape on the body instead of cling to curves.

Dresses that typically come lined today are either more formal in nature, are designed to look constructed and have a little weight to it, or need something on the inside to allow the dress to flow in such a way that makes it do that little thing where you want one foot to pop up when you give hugs. I'm not the only one right?

Why and how to buy a slip:
While it's true that most dresses that need lining come constructed that way already, there are certain garments that will flow and fall in such a beautifully uncalculated way with that little extra something.  For example, when wearing knit dresses (typically anything that has stretch to it like the cotton tshirts are made out of, many spring/summer dresses, and anything loose and slinky). Also, for those somewhat-see-through-but-its-cute-so-you-really-want-to-wear-it-anyways kind of dresses and skirts, they become a real life saver.

If you are looking into buying just one, I would suggest getting a nude or black colored, short slip that is silky and simple. This means none of those bulging bows or awkward drawstrings that completely defeat the purpose. I've done some digging, this this and this could work. For more fitted dresses, this is ideal.

And it can be cute:
I love it when people style their looks to allow peeks of a vintage slip to show. The delicate lace and silk or satin from past decades has that romantic Parisian girl thing going on, but can also soften a tough city girl look as well. On top of that, modern and beautiful slips are one of those things that just feel ultra feminine and fierce, kind of like wearing red lip stick.

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