Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Girl Version

Maybe it's just me, but lately it seems like guys are having a way better time and doing far more interesting things with clothing.  I've been a long standing fan of the urban prep looks from people and places like The Brooklyn Circus, Street Etiquette, and all those other men's style blogs I spend way too much time on.


But here's the thing: I WISH THERE WAS A GIRL VERSION.

via... somewhere. Help me out if you have the source!

So girls like me (and the very awesome Sham!) have to get a little creative in order to incorporate these pieces into our looks. We dress menswear up, down, and contort it into something that looks like it was almost made for the body we possess. So maybe the world's ready for the real(ly cool) girl version of it all.

*suspicious grin*

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