Friday, September 3, 2010

Notes on Personal Style

Let me briefly state the potentially obvious: I'm a huge nerd. If the blog writing and the musing of business articles from random industry journals isn't a dead giveaway, maybe hanging out on college campuses while I work on The Co-Op is.  Yes, I do that too because I like the academic energy.

So what makes this nerdy girl so bold as to think her outfits are worth photographing? Well, funny you ask.  The truth of the matter is, I'm not some high fashion girl or somebody who even goes shopping nearly at all.  So what gives? 

The thing is, I take this whole personal style thing pretty seriously. When I get dressed to step out, I don't do anything for shock value nor price tag insinuations. I simply decorate myself with what feels right that day and create a little visual interest; essentially costuming the story of me. Sometimes the costume sucks and I look ridiculous. Funny enough, I'm ok with it.

Want to know why? Because after a while, I started loving the fact that I dressed for me. And after that... people started looking at my costumes and would comment that only I could pull something like that off. Pull it off? Does that mean my fuzzy socks with spiked heels are now socially acceptable? What about those neon orange combat boots I like pairing with sun dresses? Oh, and the cut off shorts I made from my dad's old jeans?

My point is this: personal style begins and ends with confidence and nestled somewhere within that is being self-aware. Know what you like, build that into your life, and don't settle. Personal style therefore becomes lifestyle.

Well, whadaya know.


  1. this was a great post, i feel about the same way in terms of how i dress..

  2. "Dressing for me." This is a great concept and one I find very attractive. I like how you tie in personal style with becoming self-aware and confident.