Monday, June 7, 2010

A Modern Renaissance

Ever since I started working on the company full time and really putting my passion and work out there, I've met some of the most brilliant, inventive, and generally awesome people working on equally awesome things.  One of the things that I've most recently been interested in is the cultural shift on what the word "urban" means these days. It's not the dirty word it once was, and creative individuals and groups are helping to make that shift to something entirely positive.

Here is a small collection of sites, projects, and general brain candy on what the idea of urban is becoming. Enjoy!

Old world charm, craftsmanship, and ideas for a new urban gentleman.  They are trying to change the idea of what an urban man is around the world, and that, I can respect.

The epitome of a modern renaissance.  A group of really talented and spot-on young thinkers that are supporting others in creativity, and having a good time doing it.

Cool Hunting discusses urban art, where it has been, where it's going, and some eye candy to make it all digestible.  Also, discusses graffiti as a medium of art you simply can't ignore.

Window Farms (via Design Sponge)
If you've never had the good pleasure of hearing me on a soapbox about my theories on food, consumption, urban living, and how it all comes together, just skip to this article on Window Farms and we'll be ok. It's art meets local produce, and I just can't think of a single thing more perfect than that.

Is it just me or bikes more popular today than ever and effective in getting you a little street cred?  There are many more options for people who choose to get around on 2 wheels.  The US is catching up to what many European cities have been doing for a long time now- bike share systems.

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