Friday, October 30, 2009

For Your Weekend

I've decided: no costume parties for me this weekend. Nope, not going to do it. Well, ok. Maybe. However, this is the first weekend I've had in a while with no company, no trips, no nonsenses. As I'm buzzing around town and working away on projects, here is this week's Friday rundown.

Model: Emma Pei, Photographer: LiQi, Source: LiQi Studio via New Fashion World

1. I thrifted a great vintage cabinet last night. I bought paint and will be shopping Anthro's spot-on section of knobs for a brand new entertainment cabinet.
2. Will be baking some delightful fall foods.
3. Today the public opening of my first fast-fashion favorite. I loved it in Spain, I love it stateside. Now I can love it in Chicago.
4. If you catch me out this weekend with my headphones on, chances are, I'll be listening to this on repeat.
5. I'm getting really into anything involving fancy letterpress. Calendars, note cards, you name it. This weekend, I'll be on the lookout for personalized & beautiful sketchbook.
6. Finally, I have time to sew! A few new and comfy dresses that are fall-approved on the way. (No link... they will be a surprise (which reminds me I need to snap pics of the teal dress. Yikes!))


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  2. Anonymous11/02/2009

    funny, i helped one of my best (girl) friends refurbish an old cabinet dresser with knobs from anthro not too long ago

    good song :)

  3. I did a quick photo story on the before & after of the cabinet. Prob posting it next week tuesday, so def look out for it!

    oooh, and the song... I still can't get enough of it!