Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fashion's Rookie

Thanks to the somewhat overwhelming amount of coverage of the NY Fashion Week Shows over at Fashionista, I've decided not to do any direct commentary of it. I'm not there. They are. They win.

However, the real star that has started to emerge is not one of the hottest young designers showing in the tents. It's a 13 year old from the suburbs of Chicago. Enter
Tavi Gevinson.

Now adorning the cover of POP! Magazine and countless other publications, talks fashion with Rodarte, a guest at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show (among others), her blog is witty, honest, and has the kind of charm in awkwardness that only 13-year-olds are truly capable of.

A personal favorite moment is when she talks to her readers via video and then posts a second video of her later dancing in Margiela in her room. It kills me to watch as I silently (read: awkwardly) hold back my giggles in the tea shop.

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