Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life[Style]: 'Tis the season... to cook outdoors

I admit it, I love summertime moments. When those moments include fantastically delicious foods, I'll call it bliss. Whenever take a trip back home with my little brother, we cook as a duo. I guess you could say it's our thing. I look forward to when we can make an afternoon of it and entertain friends and family with grill-only fare like we did today.

While it gets a little difficult because I'm more of the pescatarian variety, and he loves his meats, we usually strike a nice balance (or complicated menus).

This time we made kabobs with shrimp, pineapple ("marinated" in strawberry juice), and bell peppers. Going with the grilling theme, we also tossed on the grill some corn and Paesano bread from Zingerman's. We try our best to shop and eat local!

Have you made any food creations lately? Please, do share!


  1. Zingermans! I can't wait, I'm going back to AA this weekend to visit a friend. Maybe I'll stop by there and grab some food. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Lovely Ann Arbor visits... When I'm long gone, I hope (and also hope not, for some reason) to be that person who orders the bread through their mail service. I'm leaving town for the week, otherwise I would invite you for a quick tea time.

    Have a great trip :) Do something characteristically Ann Arbor.