Monday, October 4, 2010


This past week, I had the incredible pleasure of receiving an invitation to take part in TEDxDetroit, an extension of the main TED conference we know and love.

It was an amazing collection of innovators, thinkers, makers, doers, dreamers, and more in one room.  The energy and potential was so thick, it was all intensely exciting.  The common thread among the crowd was passion about change, innovation, development, and the next big thing.

I met people like Chazz, a non-believer in the idea of "starving artists" who has been changing the lives of young artists for quite some time now.

And students like Fresh, who are on art scholarships and return to Detroit to do good and help change lives of others' through art as well.

And then there were the quietly iconic types like Shades, a graffiti tagger turned celebrated artist who has work in the DIA and is commissioned by top companies, and traveling for a gallery show in Italy in the very near future.

And the lovely way all the artists come together in Detroit is inspiring.  Poet Jessica Care Moore of Moore Black Press was the nicest, and produced a beautiful collaborative effort with the talented filmmaker and Detroit dweller Stephen McGee (top left).

And what really made me happy was the change I could truly see in Detroit from how I remember it as a child.  Farmers markets in the middle of the city, filled with produce from urban farms and young people excited to talk about the food they cultivated.

Not to mention this guy, this kid, and this gal all doing exceptional things to make a place they call home just a little better in a really impressive way.

This is a new Detroit: proud, fierce, and beautiful.  And it hustles harder.

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